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  Computer Science and Programming A major in computer science and programming opens many lucrative doors. Many of these students become software engineers and programmers at one of the many technological companies throughout the country. Others find computational theory attractive. Graduate degrees strengthen students’ skills, increasing their value to employers. Since the field is rapidly advancing, many blogs have sprung up to address all aspects of the field. But which ones are the best to read and why? This list of thirty blogs represents a diverse array of perspectives on computer science, programming, computational theory, and the intersection of computer science with contemporary issues such as education, women in the sciences, business, and many more.
  Animated sales videos for business Sales, yes it’s a difficult world for most of the founders, CEO’s or sales team who ever it may be. With options and more solutions just a Google away, its vital we make an impact when a prospect interacts with us. Interactions happen at different touchpoints and videos are finding its way to influence buying decisions. With right communication at various customer touch points you can drive higher sales using videos. Sales is increasingly seeing the use of videos in the following areas
  Seclore – DRM 2.0 revisited The most striking thing about Seclore is its claimed DRM market share for its Rights Management product which it says is second only to Microsoft (the latter embeds DRM in certain of its other offerings). Seclore says its own directly managed customer base of 470 enterprise customers accounts for 4.5 million end users. However, via OEM partners it claims another ten thousand customers with 8-9 million users. It is not just content management systems. Data loss prevention (DLP) systems were originally designed to deal with content moving around within an organisation’s network and police what left it. This has become too limited an approach with the growing use of cloud stores and Seclore claims both Symantec and McAfee’s DLPs are being extended to enable the external use of DLP using its product. As well as being designed to address the need for external sharing, Seclore ensures it remains independent of device types and document formats to support as wide a range of use cases as possible. Another intriguing initiative is that, wherever possible it aims to inherit rights and policies from the original systems, for example SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, rather than having to re-write them. However, policy can be modified and Seclore Right Management also enables policy to change as documents progress through a work flow, for example as financial results move from confidential to public domain. These capabilities are key to making Seclore’s OEM partnerships work. for More you can visit here : b2b video marketing
  ITIL Video HCL’s Gold Blue Print (GBP) is the practical implementation of HCL ITSM architecture, containing the HCL Best Practice Processes; designed, used and maintained for HCL Infrastructure Management and Application Management Services. The solution video shows how HCL’s IT Service Management drives strategic innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem while maintaining competitive tension in the business world.
  Bitcoin Vlog Auf diesem Blog findet ihr noch mehr Hintergrundinformationen zu unseren Vlogs auf YouTube. Bitcoins, Bitcoin Mining oder Bitcoin Wallets, hier wird alles erklärt und Anbieter, bei denen man Bitcoins verdienen kann getestet.
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  29.03.2008 - Trustlabel - Neues Gütesiegel - Gütesiegel haben sich in den vergangenen Jahren sehr bewährt um die Anzahl der Bestellungen in Onlineshops zu steigern - und dies bei gleichbleibender Besucherzahl. Rund ein Drittel aller...  
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